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Star Alliance

Free action games came out with Battleship's vendetta, the coolest game of this genre
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14 January 2008

Editor's review

Action games have been constantly in demand right throughout the history of the gaming industry. The immense popularity enjoyed by the genre eventually forced the game developers to constantly come up with new ideas and innovations, thus giving birth to a handful of new sub-genres. One such sub-genre that emerged as one of the top selling games during the 1980s, and still continues to rock the game-chart is the “space-shooting games”. More often than not, these games are based on the theme of battling it out against the “evil” alien forces somewhere out there in the outer space. One remarkable game based on this same very theme is the Star Alliance v1.0.

Star Alliance v1.0 is undoubtedly one of the best offering from the “Free Action Games”. Upon being launched, the game opens with a really attractive, yet simple interface. The overall graphics quality of the game is pretty satisfactory- does not go hard on your system resources, and pretty enough to keep your interest alive. Your main objective in the game is to take your spaceship to the outer space, roam throughout the universe and destroy any evil alien forces that come on your way. However, unlike the hundreds of other games based on the same theme, the SA v1.0 is not an all-shooting game- it demands for some strategies too. You also need to collect points on a more consistent basis, so that you can frequently upgrade your spaceship, or purchase new and advanced ones with many secret weapons.. Also, the fact that it is a freeware, adds even more charm to the amazing game.

To conclude with, Star Alliance v1.0 is a complete package for the entertainment of all the fans of the “alien vs mankind” theme. It has decent graphics, easy controls, and is based on the popular concept of hostile extra terrestrial forces, and of course it comes absolutely free. Hence it receives a score of four and a half rating point on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Free action games came out with Battleship's vendetta, the coolest game of this genre. It is a ready to play game, without any complicated controls. The start of the game may put a smile to you face, which can be dangerous.
It does get more challenging as the time passes. You have to shoot alien spaceships down to collect money prizes and buy better, bigger, more powerful weapons for your own spaceship. It is a shot of adrenaline.
Today is hard to comprehend anyone is giving a game like this away for free. Battleship’s vendetta offers you more than you would expect from a free action game.
Star Alliance
Star Alliance
Version 1.0
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